• History

                  Kamla Nehru prani sangrahlaya is one of the recognizedzoo out of total 180 recognized zoos in India. The Indorezoo is under control of Municipal Corporation, Indore which looks after maintenanceand administrative control of the zoo.

                In 1974 the Indorezoo was established in nawlakha area in only 17 acres land, later on in theyear1999 adjoining 32 acres land of Quadibag was “Aquired”  by the zoo so present area of Indore zoo is 51 acres.Total area of Indorezoo is full of greenery where different variety of trees and other plants givesnatural feeling of forest to the wild animals.


    • 'July to Feb' : '9 A.M. to 6 P.M.'

    • 'March to June' : '9 A.M. to 7 P.M.'

    • 'Tuesday to Sunday' : '[Monday closed]'

    Entry charges

  • Developmental works and new animals in the zoo have attracted the attention of public towards the zoo. As a result number of visitors is increasing gradually.
    • Rs:'10'/ Only
      'Entry fees in the zoo'

      Rs:'30'/ Only
      'Charges for ordinary camera '

      Rs:'50'/ Only
      ' Movie camera'
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